Sunday, March 31, 2013

Party In Heaven


This year started off just as hectic as last year times two.  December 2011 we lost my aunt at an early age.  This year we lost my grandfather (my stepfathers dad whom we have known and been close to for 22 years now) and we lost my memomma (my mothers mom who helped raise me and was a huge part of my life).  I praise a mighty God for their renewed life in heaven.  I praise God that He brought His Son to die for our sins.  Because of His plan we are saved and will have eternal life in heaven.  And when my time comes to join them I know I will join an awesome party in heaven.  I have lost a lot of special people in my lifetime.  I lost my Nana, my Granny, my Mama Kay, my Aunt Karen, my Grandfather Mills and my Memomma.  These are just immediate family members but I have lost more as well.

During Church this morning I was very emotional.  I was happy and sad.  I was sad that I have lost those close to me.  I was happy that I know I will see them again one day.  I know there are so many people in heaven that will be waiting to hug me when I get there and I can't wait to see them again.  I also can't wait to meet the baby that I miscarried and never was able to meet.  I was sad to loose this baby but that loss brought me my twin boys.  I would not have had the opportunity to have them without that loss and I praise the Lord for every single one of my children born and unborn.  He chose the path for them and fortunately so.  My plan was nothing compared to the wonderful plan He has for me and them.

I pray that each and everyone knows Our God.  I thank Him for every relationship I have!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012


It has been a very long time since I have updated our blog.  It has also been a very crazy time and when time is crazy it flies.
Update on kids;
  Bryggen is about to turn 4.  She is doing so great these days.  I can really tell a change in her maturity level.  Don't get me wrong, we have some minor issues and some bad days but overall she is a huge delight.  She adores her brothers and is super helpful with them.  We have a blast together and I am enjoying these moments with her.
   Griffin and Jackson are doing about the same things so they can fit into one category on certain things.  They both learned to get out of their cribs about a month ago.  It wasn't a huge issue the first couple of weeks but then became a major ordeal.  They would climb out, walk down the stairs at 3am or 5am or whenever they felt like it.  They eventually got locked in their bedrooms.  They would still get out and eventually sleep on the floor.  I took their cribs down and left the mattresses on the floor for them but still lock their bedroom door.  They destroy their bedroom daily.  They climb on their changing table, the dresser, the queen bed in there and do anything possible to trash the place.  They take off their dirty diaper and run everywhere getting poop everywhere.  I had to lock the bathroom doors because they would get in the tub, close the drain and turn on the water.  They've done it four times. Once in their room at the beach, Bryggen's room at the beach, my room at the beach and then my room in Auburn.  We have a serious issue with that.  Fortunately, the water has been cold but I can't be too lucky.  Both boys have escaped the house.  Once while Mike was hanging out with them.  Jackson was naked and both boys headed for our neighbors house.  She returned them.  They climb on the counters by pulling out the drawers and using them as stairs.  They've gotten on the dining room table several times.  All in all, they will find a way to climb.  Guess they're not afraid of heights like I am.  Now Griffin gets in just as much trouble as Jackson but he is a little more carefree.  He's easy going and laid back most of the time.  He's a little methodical and likes to "work" on things.  He is more of a silent terror whereas Jackson is full of emotion right now.  He is all trouble.  Loud and rough.  He's a little bully towards everyone.  He hits and scratches everyone whether playing or being mean.  He's going through his terrible twos right now and if thats not what it is then everyone needs to start praying because the poor guy can't get into any more trouble.  He is a mommas boy right now and we love to cuddle and at the same time, Griffin is a daddys boy.  He loves Mike.  He yells daaad anytime he sees his daddy.  They are little buddies right now.
   Townsen is a sweet cuddly baby.  He's a little high maintenance like his sister was.  He is a little finicky about falling asleep and he hates the car like all of the other kids did.  He is still waking every 3 hours or more to eat.  UGH!  I am exhausted and getting ready for a "cry it out" time.  However, I am waiting til the first of the year.  We have just been able to move him into his room therefore I am giving him time to adjust on his own.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Michael TOWNSEN Slocumb

He is here and I guess it is about time that I updated my blog.  I am sure you will forgive me considering I have 4 kids now.
Townsen arrived at 12:06pm on July 28, 2012.  I was scheduled for induction that day but arrived to the hospital in labor (contractions 5 min apart).  In fact, we got there at 6:45am, was in a room and hooked up in about an hour and epidural before 10am and pushing at noon.  It didn't take long and was actually pretty easy.
Before we delivered we had decided his name would be Townsen Talmer, but after he was born we changed his name to Michael Townsen.  We will call him Townsen or Towns.  We changed his name for the physically obvious in that he is a complete mini-Mike.  After delivering the twins blue eyed and blonde, we sure didnt think we'd have a dark haired baby with olive skin but here he is.  I love that all of our kids are different- well all of our pregnancies anyways.  I love that the twins are more me and that B and T are Mike.
Now delivery was easy but the after stuff hasn't been easy and I am not talking about Townsen.  The day after I delivered Townsen I had my tubes tied.  Yes, 4 kids in under 4 years is enough.  The surgery was fast and my doctor was great.  The recovery was awful the first couple of days.  Then four days after delivery I became super sick with a bladder infection.  That was worse than the recovery from surgery.  It lasted a rough 4 days.  Nine days later B and I became sick with a stomach bug.  Fortunately, that was a quick virus but Mike was out of town.  Then two days after that I found out I had shingles.  I did not have a bad case of it and wasn't in pain just itched really bad.  I am still being medicated for that.  The good thing about being sick after giving birth is that I dropped a lot of weight fast.
All of the kids are adjusting really well.  Townsen is sweet, cuddly and pretty easy going.  He likes to be held and is restless a lot but who can blame him with two brothers throwing things at him and yelling all of the time.  Jackson likes to give him hugs but Griffin isnt as interested.  Bryggen is super helpful and patient.  She's done a great job and I really am impressed with all of them.  Of course, life is super hectic with the twins alone so the additional chaos doesn't help but its a phase we will pass and not a bad phase at all.
We are currently at the beach for a week or two.  I am enjoying it a lot but we are only on day two so we shall see how it plays out.  I do not have any help here and it can be challenging (I went to the grocery store with 4 kids yesterday and needless to say you can't get much so the loading and unloading takes longer than the trip inside).  But we are going with the flow.  I do feel more confident as a mother than when I brought the twins home so lets hope that sticks around and isn't just good hormones.
I hope I am able to post more often.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Today, tomorrow, Saturday, Sunday or whenever....

We will welcome Townsen Talmer Slocumb any day now.  Thought it was going to be tomorrow because I was scheduled for induction.  But now I have been bumped to Saturday.  So, who really knows when he will be here.  I guess thats the whole point though is to not really know when they will arrive.  But here we go, truly counting down the days til we meet this sweet baby boy that has had us fooled from the start.  I wonder what else this little guy will have in store for us once he gets here.  I CAN NOT WAIT TO FIND OUT!!!!!!  My next blog will be about his arrival.  YAY!

Friday, June 22, 2012


Well, the answer to that question is somewhat.  We have known that we were expecting a baby since mid-December.  We have known that this baby was a boy at 14 weeks (20 weeks ago).  You would think we have had plenty of time to come up with his name.  But after 3 kids, 2 of which are boys, we find it hard to name him.  I really can blame it on Mike or give Mike credit for taking so long.  He really wanted to live up to the strong names we gave the kids.  So, we finally have a first name and are working on the middle name.  Our little guy, our 4th and last child's first name is TOWNSEN.  His name will be spelled like that by my account.  All three of our kids end in "en", "in" and "on".  It is only fitting that this guy do the same.  Mike wants to call him TOWNS but I want to call him TOWNSEN.  We will see what sticks or if his name is something different when he arrives.  Speaking of his arrival, I had a conversation with Dr. Dupre Wednesday.  I had issues with my epidural during both deliveries.  They apparently take a long time or a double dose to actually work on me.  He suggested I have an epidural earlier than normal.  After talking further, we realized that I did not have extra time with Griffin and Jackson.  Therefore, Dr. Dupre became a little concerned that I might not make it to the hospital in time for an epidural or make it at all if TOWNSEN comes on his own.  So, he decided that I should be induced around my 38 week mark.  I will be going to see Dr. Dupre weekly starting July 3rd at which point I will be 36 weeks pregnant and will be checked each week to determine the plan for TOWNSENS arrival.  Will keep you posted on his full name and on his expectant arrival date.

34 weeks and 1 day

This picture is from a week ago.  I don't have a picture from today but I am currently 34 weeks and 1 day pregnant with this little guy.  At 34 weeks and 1 day with Griffin and Jackson, I delivered them both 5 1/2 pounds each 6 weeks early.  It amazes me that I had them at this point in my pregnancy.  But looking back on my journal, I was 7 inches wider around the belly and 10 pounds heavier.  It appears that this baby is around 5 pounds and average size at this juncture whereas Griffin and Jackson were above average and obviously so.  I do remember that at about 30 weeks with Griffin and Jackson, I was miserable.  I just have become miserable with this baby and know that I have about a month left.

Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today is my third Mothers Day and it was a great one.  I was really dreading it because Mike is out of town but having a lunch date with Haley, Isabella and all of my kids made this day wonderful.  FYI: Haley is holding Griffin and I am holding Jackson.

Today is also my 6th wedding anniversary.  So I was initially double sadden when he had to be out of town.  This has been a crazy year with a lot of ups and downs and a lot of surprises.  But we have grown closer because of it and I am extremely happy about where we are and where we have come.

Griffin and Jackson are 15 months old and super fun.  They started walking between 13-14 months.  Its so cute.  They waddle around all over the place.  They climb the stairs and everything else they can get their feet on.  They are into everything.  They have surprised me beyond words.  I walked into their room at the beach house the other day to find out that Jackson had thrown his dirty diaper into Griffins pack n play.  Griffin took his diaper off and threw it on the floor then peed all over the floor and pack n play.  They are definitely different than little girls (Bryggen) and as active as she was there was no preparing me for them.  I have my hands completely full and here comes another one.  Though I am beyond excited about this special child, I am exhausted already.  I am over 28 weeks along with him (Baby No Name) and doing great.  He is super busy so I guess he will fit right in with his siblings.

We've already started spending a lot of time at the beach house even though there are workers there daily finishing up at a turtle rate.  I love the house and never want to leave it.  I am so blessed that Mike and I have been able to do together.  Getting settled is taking time and its a lot of work especially with the three kids.  I don't have help there so trips to the store or short but many.  I will post some pictures of the house after its completed if not before.