Sunday, December 16, 2012


It has been a very long time since I have updated our blog.  It has also been a very crazy time and when time is crazy it flies.
Update on kids;
  Bryggen is about to turn 4.  She is doing so great these days.  I can really tell a change in her maturity level.  Don't get me wrong, we have some minor issues and some bad days but overall she is a huge delight.  She adores her brothers and is super helpful with them.  We have a blast together and I am enjoying these moments with her.
   Griffin and Jackson are doing about the same things so they can fit into one category on certain things.  They both learned to get out of their cribs about a month ago.  It wasn't a huge issue the first couple of weeks but then became a major ordeal.  They would climb out, walk down the stairs at 3am or 5am or whenever they felt like it.  They eventually got locked in their bedrooms.  They would still get out and eventually sleep on the floor.  I took their cribs down and left the mattresses on the floor for them but still lock their bedroom door.  They destroy their bedroom daily.  They climb on their changing table, the dresser, the queen bed in there and do anything possible to trash the place.  They take off their dirty diaper and run everywhere getting poop everywhere.  I had to lock the bathroom doors because they would get in the tub, close the drain and turn on the water.  They've done it four times. Once in their room at the beach, Bryggen's room at the beach, my room at the beach and then my room in Auburn.  We have a serious issue with that.  Fortunately, the water has been cold but I can't be too lucky.  Both boys have escaped the house.  Once while Mike was hanging out with them.  Jackson was naked and both boys headed for our neighbors house.  She returned them.  They climb on the counters by pulling out the drawers and using them as stairs.  They've gotten on the dining room table several times.  All in all, they will find a way to climb.  Guess they're not afraid of heights like I am.  Now Griffin gets in just as much trouble as Jackson but he is a little more carefree.  He's easy going and laid back most of the time.  He's a little methodical and likes to "work" on things.  He is more of a silent terror whereas Jackson is full of emotion right now.  He is all trouble.  Loud and rough.  He's a little bully towards everyone.  He hits and scratches everyone whether playing or being mean.  He's going through his terrible twos right now and if thats not what it is then everyone needs to start praying because the poor guy can't get into any more trouble.  He is a mommas boy right now and we love to cuddle and at the same time, Griffin is a daddys boy.  He loves Mike.  He yells daaad anytime he sees his daddy.  They are little buddies right now.
   Townsen is a sweet cuddly baby.  He's a little high maintenance like his sister was.  He is a little finicky about falling asleep and he hates the car like all of the other kids did.  He is still waking every 3 hours or more to eat.  UGH!  I am exhausted and getting ready for a "cry it out" time.  However, I am waiting til the first of the year.  We have just been able to move him into his room therefore I am giving him time to adjust on his own.

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