Sunday, January 15, 2012


Jackson playing with Daddy on Christmas morning
Bryggen and Griffin playing on Christmas morning

Bryggen's 3rd Birthday Party
The three of us at her party. She looks happy taking a picture with us but we had to have one.

So much has happened in the past two months that its hard to believe. We had an amazing Thanksgiving and Christmas followed by Bryggen's 3rd birthday and then Mike's birthday yesterday. It would probably take me forever to relive all the wonderful events that have happened during this time and I don't have time as I am sure you don't have time either. All I have to say is that it was a wonderful first for the boys. They really are the best babies ever and we are amazed, in awe, blessed and in love so much with all three kids.

Now for the SHOCK! Mike and I found out we were pregnant again shortly before Christmas. This was a huge surprise to both of us as we "were done". Apparently, God had other plans for us. It is so funny how things have turned around for us. It has been a rollercoaster ride for us these past 4 years. We miscarried before Bryggen then became pregnant with her. My pregnancy with her was easy and fun and amazing. We miscarried again without trying for a baby when Bryggen was a year old. Then six months later became pregnant with the twins and the shock that there was an additional baby was amazing and overwhelming. But that pregnancy was easy and fun and amazing too. We were complete and content with our lives. We were in a great schedule, getting some descent sleep and on a great path as a family of 5. I can't say that we were thrilled or happy when we first found out we were pregnant. We never got really excited about our pregnancies at first anyways with my history of miscarriages. But even after we found out everything was okay, we still had to allow things to sink in before getting excited. It was the last thing on my mind yet after some time I am in love with this new baby. I have heard the heartbeat twice now and know that its growing great. My due date is August 2nd and I am almost 12 weeks along. Yes, we sure waited a while to announce our news but time flies when you have 3 kids three years old and under and the holidays and birthdays make that time fly even faster. I have gone over it in my head a thousand times, but we will have a 3 1/2 year old, two 18month olds and a newborn. Life is already crazy but will be even crazier when this angel arrives yet it will be wonderful. Bryggen is excited and totally understands this time around. She wants to hold "her". She thinks we are having a girl. I hope she's not disappointed if we have another boy. But she insists its a girl. That will probably be our next announcement. We will find out the minute we can. Fortunately, I have almost everything I need if its either one. They fall in a little different season but I can get good use out of most things. So, I couldn't be happier to announce our news. And will enjoy in sharing this time with everyone.