Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The First Month

Griffin, Jackson and Bryggen
1 month pictures: Griffin on left and Jackson on right
I can't believe they are already a month old. I am truly blessed to have these little guys in my life. We have survived well. Thanks to my sweet husband, my mom for driving us around the first week, my mother-in-law for coming to help out for the first two weeks we were home, Bonnie for working with us during the day, Phyllis for the night help and all of the people who fed us (Mary Wynn, Bonnie, Beth, Candice, Leigh, Peggy, Jana, Andrea, Katherine, Tracy, Mrs. Merrilyn, Mrs. Bonnie and Tammie).
These guys are pretty easy though. We wake them every 3 hours to change and feed them. They sleep 90% of the time only fussing for their passy or minor gas pains. Mostly the passy. Its amazing what you can do when you need to do it. Like feeding one baby while holding another and having a 2 year old sleeping on you. But that wasn't stressful at all. In fact, it was nice. I'm trying to prepare for the craziness to hit but am soaking it all up while I can.
My kids: Bryggen, Jackson, Griffin and Lille. I'm so blessed and I thank God every day.
G-Dub after his first bath.
Griffin, G-Dub, getting his first bath.
J-Man after his first bath.
J-Man, Jackson, during his first bath.

Friday, March 4, 2011

We've Been Busy

Bryggen has been a great big sister. She LOVES her brothers so much. She wants to hold, hug and kiss them. She doesn't want us to lay them down but would rather us hold them. She is very helpful- a little too helpful. She does like to climb on me when I am holding or feeding them but otherwise she is a great big sister.
Jackson is on the left in green and Griffin in blue on the right. They like to lay next to each other which makes sense considering they were crammed in my belly together for so long. I just love looking at them snuggled together.
Griffin is in blue and Jackson is in orange. They are 6 pounds now and doing so well eating. They are eating almost 2oz every 3 hours. Thats exciting because they've come so far from birth. Now I know they look identical to outsiders but they are fraternal and look completely different to me. Griffin looks just like Bryggen's baby pictures and she looks like Mike. Jackson looks like me with my face shape and details. However, they have a lot of the same features. They have the same hands, fingers and toes- all mine. They have the same nose, mouth and chin- all Mikes. Their eyes are the same now but that might change. But Jackson has a larger forehead and oval face where Griffin's is round and small. They are the cutest little guys ever and we are soooo in love.
Mike holding both babies. It wasn't the first time and it won't be the last. He is such a wonderful husband and dad. He can get both boys to eat better than I can. He must have a different touch because they do so well for him. He's really helpful feeding them when he can and he does a lot to entertain Bryggen.
I wanted a picture of my entire family together. Bryggen wanted to climb up there with them and was the sweetest big sister doing so. She was giving them hugs and kisses and cheesing it up for me.