Thursday, October 28, 2010


We are for sure having two boys!!!! We are so excited and we are finalizing their names and will tell you as soon as we do. Sooooo excited!!!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Playdate With Mommy

Bryggen and I had a playdate on Monday. That sounds silly considering we hang out all of the time but it was a lot of fun. I took her to the park. We ended up going way too early because it was extremely cold at first but she didn't care. It did warm up but not before we were dirty. We were the only ones there at first so we had the whole park to ourselves. We swung on the swings and went down the slides and ran all over the place. We didn't play but for an hour but it was a great hour. I truly love this age that Bryggen is at right now because she is so entertaining and fun. Let's hope it lasts especially when her brothers arrive.


Yes, you read the title right. As most of you know, I am a die hard Alabama fan. But since dating Mike, I have become a die hard #2 Auburn fan. To the point where I wear more orange and blue and so does Bryggen. No Auburn fan can complain of this even though Mike tries to. So, Bryggen has this super cute mix outfit that she's been wearing and here's a picture of it finally. But of course, the next two pictures show what she wears most of and that's her Auburn colors. The mix outfit she wore last Saturday which I believe helped both teams win. The other two pictures were from Friday nights block party downtown. She loves to go because she can dance to the band and see all of the kids. We always have so much fun there. I love the picture of her dancing with her daddy. Its the sweetest thing.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Pumpkin Patch

We took Bryggen to her first pumpkin patch today in Lafayette. They took you on a wagon ride to the pumpkin field where you could pick out your pumpkin. We walked through the field and picked out two. You could see the animals, jump on inflatables, ride the train and get snacks. We just did the wagon ride to get our pumpkins but that was plenty for the three of us in this heat. She loved every minute of it and was a perfect angel during the ride and walking the fields. It was a great day!!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Blue and more blue

Looks like we are having two precious boys.
During an unexpected ultrasound, Baby A decided to reveal himself to the tech causing her to ask me "are you waiting on Dad to find out?" Fortunately, we were not. Which revealed to us that Baby A is a boy. For the next 15 minutes she searched for Baby B's gender. Baby A was continuing to show himself throughout the whole process. Eventually, we saw what looks to be another boy in Baby B but the cord stayed in the way and Baby B was not moving. All in all, it appears to be another boy but with about an 80% possibility. In about a month we should confirm. If Baby B turns out to be a girl we will be just as thrilled as if B is another boy. But we are excited that these babies are on their way. I need this time to let these angels cook but I look forward to the day we will meet them.

Fall has arrived

Bryggen is doing well. Her favorite word is "no" these days though she says it so cute. She is pretty bossy when it comes to her parents. She likes to tell us when to play certain things and where to sit playing them. She grabs our hands and leads us to where she wants us to go. She's not eating well these days either so I am having a hard time figuring out what she will eat that's not just junk. We did have an eventful weekend. We took a trip to Atlanta Friday. We went shopping and then to dinner with some friends. Saturday we went to Cartersville for Braden's 1st birthday party. Bryggen played her heart out. We headed home afterwards and rested until dinner time. Then we met Rebecca at Brick Oven to watch the Bama game. Today we went to Church and then had lunch with Tammie, Ethan and Harrison. It was so much fun!!! Now we are off to a busy week and loving every minute.