Friday, June 22, 2012


Well, the answer to that question is somewhat.  We have known that we were expecting a baby since mid-December.  We have known that this baby was a boy at 14 weeks (20 weeks ago).  You would think we have had plenty of time to come up with his name.  But after 3 kids, 2 of which are boys, we find it hard to name him.  I really can blame it on Mike or give Mike credit for taking so long.  He really wanted to live up to the strong names we gave the kids.  So, we finally have a first name and are working on the middle name.  Our little guy, our 4th and last child's first name is TOWNSEN.  His name will be spelled like that by my account.  All three of our kids end in "en", "in" and "on".  It is only fitting that this guy do the same.  Mike wants to call him TOWNS but I want to call him TOWNSEN.  We will see what sticks or if his name is something different when he arrives.  Speaking of his arrival, I had a conversation with Dr. Dupre Wednesday.  I had issues with my epidural during both deliveries.  They apparently take a long time or a double dose to actually work on me.  He suggested I have an epidural earlier than normal.  After talking further, we realized that I did not have extra time with Griffin and Jackson.  Therefore, Dr. Dupre became a little concerned that I might not make it to the hospital in time for an epidural or make it at all if TOWNSEN comes on his own.  So, he decided that I should be induced around my 38 week mark.  I will be going to see Dr. Dupre weekly starting July 3rd at which point I will be 36 weeks pregnant and will be checked each week to determine the plan for TOWNSENS arrival.  Will keep you posted on his full name and on his expectant arrival date.

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