Monday, November 14, 2011

Suggestions Needed

I have to say that I was spoiled when it came to feeding Bryggen. Maybe not when and how often or how I had to feed her but what I fed her. She loved food as a baby. Anything would make her happy. But every baby is different and of course my boys are different than their big sister. They look like her and each act like her in different ways. Griffin is a little content but mommy obsessed and though Jackson is giggly and loves me just the same, he is busy and active like Bryggen where Griffin hates the car like Bryggen did. So moving from stage to stage with these guys has been a change from the beginning. And this stage is not worse or better but its unfamiliar. From day one we have had these guys on a schedule. For a long time we have been on the 4 hour feeding schedule. Up to about a month ago they would eat every 4 hours til bed taking a 6-8 oz bottle and a full stage 2 baby food each. Now they sometimes want things and other times act like they hate them. One day they will eat baby food, the next they don't want any of it. I am even having a hard time with the bottle. I have had to hold each baby individually to get them to take 6oz of formula. I used to could lay them on a pillow and double feed. Now when I do that they roll over and want to crawl away. If I let them do that the feeding takes an hour and messes up the whole time. Ugh! What a mess!!! I have been trying real foods but they seem to be picky on that and I am not sure how much they actually need since they've cut back. And cutting back is like a foreign language to me. I thought babies only increased as they grew. Neither kid likes mashed potatoes, they will sometimes eat green beans, they do like chicken but not nuggets- only strips, they love pancakes but we can only have that once a day, like mac n cheese, love granola bars, but where's the veggies and fruits? How can I get these boys to eat better foods, different foods and more formula? How can I do all of this and stay on a schedule? At the end of the day if this is my concern right now then I am not doing too bad. However, the schedule has been amazing for my life and I don't want to loose that. I have enough to think about and keep up with and without the schedule I will be wondering who ate what at what time and how much. I don't have the ability to do that. So, I need some suggestions. Thanks.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011