Tuesday, August 31, 2010

The Twins

OH NO!!!!!!! Just kidding. But Bryggen did not do well at the doctors visit today. She wasn't awful but not good. It was one of those days. LOL!
Here are the twins at 10 weeks 5 days. Baby B on top of Baby A. Baby B's heartbeat was 164 and Baby A's heartbeat was 157. All great signs of healthy little babies. And the coolest part of all is that both babies were moving around like crazy. Baby B moved first flipping around and shifting from facing forward to backwards to sideways all within the ten minutes we were looking. Baby A would kick and scoot around. It was such an amazing sight to see. How wonderful is our God that blesses us with the miracle of two lives.

Friday, August 20, 2010

The Cats Out Of The Bag

We are finally, officially announcing that Bryggen is going to be a big sister to two siblings come March. We are so excited and look forward to this journey with our Lord leading the way. It came to a surprise when the ultrasound tech saw two sacs on our first doctors visit. It was a great surprise and a scary one at that. We began praying. A week later we saw both babies and their heartbeats. What an amazing sight. We are now 9 weeks along and still not out of the woods but on our way to cooking these little angels. I have a doctors appointment in little over a week where I will have another ultrasound. I am confident that things will look great again and that I will be in a safe zone. So far, we know that the babies are fraternal twins. Which I am excited about. And my due date is March 25th even though they will not make it this far. Dr. Dupre is hoping I can make it to week 36. That is my goal. We are going to continue to let God lead the way and pray these babies are blessed and born healthy.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Blake and Bonnie's Wedding

Our last day at the beach, we went to Crab Trap with Pops, Mimi and Rebecca for lunch. Here Bryggen is scooping her noodles with her shovel. She's very talented.
Here we are dancing at the wedding reception. Bryggen danced all night during the rehearsal dinner and the reception. That girl doesn't stop.
She is laughing while talking to Bonnie. She started doing that now where she covers her face with her hands laughing hysterically.
She was playing with her cousins all night. They would dance and run around chasing each other. She was hugging Logan but it was actually choking him. He handled it real well.
Now she's trying to hug Wyatt but he's too busy dancing. She managed to get a hug in at some point. She's such a sweet little girl.

We had a great time at the wedding. It was held in Destin, FL. It was so pretty and we had a wonderful time.

First Bite Mark

Here's Bryggens first bite mark she received at school yesterday. It was bound to happen and only a matter of time now that she's 19 months. But it was sad and she was furious. She didn't retaliate but had a rough day. Let's just hope she doesn't start biting now.