Saturday, March 27, 2010

Silly Bryggen

Bryggen has so much fun all of the time. She really is an extremely happy baby. She likes to run through the house before and after her bath. Its super cute and I know that most babies probably do it but I love it when she does.
Bryggen will rush into the bathroom when I ask her if she wants to take a bath. She loves to play in the tub. She does so well getting in, sitting down and then getting out.

After an afternoon of playing, Bryggen got dirty so we took a mini-bath in the kitchen sink. Any water play for her and she is happy.

Bryggen had a lot of fun at the baseball game. She walked around with us and played with some kids there. She even went up to a handicapped kid in a wheelchair and said hey to him. She did that three times. It was super cute. She would turn her head in and say hey to his face. He seemed really happy by it. He tapped her on the head and smiled every time she did that. She even said "Tay Tay" to him which was his nickname but she didn't know that. They never said his name to her so it was pretty amazing she did that on her own. Of course, who knows what she really meant. It touched my heart and his parents heart.

This is Bryggens friend in DC. Her name is Lilly. She is two months older than Bryggen. This is the first time they've really played together and they had so much fun. They would chace each other and show each other certain things and hug each other. It was a lot of fun. Bryggen is such a friendly baby. She smiles and waves and says hey to everyone. This may be a problem one day but its amazing right now.
Bryggen has become a little fiesty child. She pitches fits now; screams, throws her body, throws things. She's gotten out of control on planes now. Its pretty bad for me because I am paranoid the whole time but I am able to keep my cool. I understand she doesn't want to be tied down and stuck in one place but I can't seem to make her happy so flights have been miserable. I think her ears have been bothering her really bad on them now. She has moments where she's in pain. It is so sad. We don't go to the doctor til April 14th so I will wait and ask him at that time if he has a suggestion for helping her with that. Otherwise, I am not sure when I will take her on a plane again. Maybe when she is old enough to sit and watch a movie. LOL! We can't wait that long.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Ready For Easter

Seems like Bryggen is ready for Easter. While playing at our neighbors house, Bryggen decided to clear out the toys from this basket and put herself in it. It was the funniest thing! She fit perfectly too. Just wanted to share.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Bryggen sitting with Dada. She's been doing stuff like that alot lately and its so cute.
So we arrived in DC on Thursday March 12th. We will be here til the 26th. B has not been sleeping like normal but we realized thats been due to her cold medicine. We will not give it to her tonight so we will see. She hasnt been going to bed before 10pm and lastnight it was 11:30. She's also started pitching fits esp when we are out to eat. Anyone have any suggestions?
I'm looking forward to getting back but the weather is finally great here and apparently better than there. When we return we will have two cars again. We had Mikes car here in DC and mine in AU but before we left I had to turn in my car. Mikes will now be mine, which is why we got it, and Mike got a new car. We are having both sent down. It will be nice not having to drive Mike everywhere and he will enjoy having more freedom. Well, we look forward to Easter and seeing everyone!