Sunday, May 13, 2012


Today is my third Mothers Day and it was a great one.  I was really dreading it because Mike is out of town but having a lunch date with Haley, Isabella and all of my kids made this day wonderful.  FYI: Haley is holding Griffin and I am holding Jackson.

Today is also my 6th wedding anniversary.  So I was initially double sadden when he had to be out of town.  This has been a crazy year with a lot of ups and downs and a lot of surprises.  But we have grown closer because of it and I am extremely happy about where we are and where we have come.

Griffin and Jackson are 15 months old and super fun.  They started walking between 13-14 months.  Its so cute.  They waddle around all over the place.  They climb the stairs and everything else they can get their feet on.  They are into everything.  They have surprised me beyond words.  I walked into their room at the beach house the other day to find out that Jackson had thrown his dirty diaper into Griffins pack n play.  Griffin took his diaper off and threw it on the floor then peed all over the floor and pack n play.  They are definitely different than little girls (Bryggen) and as active as she was there was no preparing me for them.  I have my hands completely full and here comes another one.  Though I am beyond excited about this special child, I am exhausted already.  I am over 28 weeks along with him (Baby No Name) and doing great.  He is super busy so I guess he will fit right in with his siblings.

We've already started spending a lot of time at the beach house even though there are workers there daily finishing up at a turtle rate.  I love the house and never want to leave it.  I am so blessed that Mike and I have been able to do together.  Getting settled is taking time and its a lot of work especially with the three kids.  I don't have help there so trips to the store or short but many.  I will post some pictures of the house after its completed if not before.

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