Wednesday, April 14, 2010

15 Month Check Up

Bryggen had her 15 month wellness check up today. She is doing fabulous. She weighs 24 pounds, she's 30 inches tall and her head is 18 inches. She is in the 50% for all but her weight is close to 75%. This is the track B has been on since the beginning. She's such a great little toddler. She knows so many words; mama, dada, byebye, ball, dog, hey, stop, I do it, and Lille. Her doctor said the average is 3 words for 15 month olds so she is ahead of the gang. She has always been a blabbing little girl so it surprises no one that she is so vocal. Guess she gets it from me. She's also a very cuddly baby. She gives me hugs all of the time. Its the highlights of motherhood. I am really enjoying every stage of her life but this one is so much fun. She has been battling allergies really bad lately. She gets really fussy, her nose constantly runs, her poor eyes look achey, she gets a bad cough at night and just overall is having a hard time. The doctor recommended Zyrtec for children so tonight will be the first for that. I pray it goes well. She had such a hard time with teething that I want her well and feeling great. She still doesn't have hair but she's slowly getting some. The rate the Slocumbs get it is 2 years so about 9 more months and we should have some. We may go to the beach tomorrow. I sure hope we do. It will be the first time she's been to the beach since June even though we were in St. Thomas in September. I am excited to see her play in the sand and swim in the pool. Its going to be so much fun.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Easter 2010

After hunting eggs Bryggen played with her cousins and with her basket that the Easter Bunny brought her.
After Church, we all went over to Mimi and Gaga's house for lunch and egg hunting. She was playing with her cousins Emery and Wilson. They were so sweet to hold her so we could get a picture of the three of them. That never happens.

This is Bryggen getting ready for Church. She was running around yelling. Guess she was excited!

On the Thursday before Easter, Bryggen went to school and then she and I played outside. It was such a pretty day so we ran around playing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Ear Rings!

B is such a big girl. She got her ears pierced and didn't cry. It took her a minute to fuss but that only lasted a second. I'm so proud and she looks so cute.