Thursday, November 25, 2010


Here are a few pics from Chicago. They are all out of order. We went up last weekend and had a great time. We stayed on Michigan Ave- Magnificent Mile where all of the shops are. We took Bryggen to the Disney Store and the American Girl Place where she ran around looking at all of the toys. She had so much fun. Then there was a parade with all of the Disney characters along with others. One favorite of Bryggens (and a big joke between Mike and me) was the Choo Choo Soul from Disney. If you don't know what I am talking about then you should check it out. It is so funny and so gheto but Bryggen loves it. It was a fun trip even though Bryggen got sick while we were there. She apparently brought a tummy virus causing her to throw up for 5 hours. Fortunately, it ended there!!! Neither Mike nor I got sick and she was better the next day.
I hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving. We sure have so much to be thankful for this year and every year. God has blessed us with so much happiness. He is truly the reason we are here and have so much in our lives. Mike is a wonderful husband and father. He does so much for us each and every day. I am so glad he is who he is. Bryggen is such a delight to our lives. She has so much personality. She is happy and silly and stubborn and bright and cute and on and on and on. She does so much that brings happiness to our already happy life. We are also so excited about these two boys we will meet in a few months. They are growing great and everything looks healthy for them. They are over a pound each now which is bigger than normal at this point. That is so exciting to me. I look forward to every visit so I can see them moving around in the ultrasound. We have names picked out for the two boys. Baby A will be Griffin Wilson Slocumb and Baby B will be Jackson Art Slocumb. Each of their names have a special meaning. Griffin is from Mike's granddaddy, Wilson is Mike's middle name which is his moms maiden name and Wilson is also my grandmothers maiden name and my greatgrandmothers married name, Jackson is Mike's dads mothers maiden name and Art is after my dad Arthur. I couldn't be happier about their names and how we are using them. Bryggen's name had so much meaning to it and we both wanted the boys to have the same. We are also so thankful for our family and friends. They do so much for us and mean so much to us. We love each and every one of you.

Monday, November 1, 2010


Here's the kitty cat all dressed up for Halloween.
Bryggen dancing around at the Downtown Trick or Treat.
She probably danced for 30 minutes to the band. It was so cute.
When she wasn't dancing with Ethan she wanted to dance with Daddy.


Playing with Ethan at the trick or treat party.
Bryggen, Emery and Wilson at Mimi and Gaga's house before the downtown trick or treat party.
Bryggen wanted Emery and Wilson's pumpkin bags but they didn't care because they didn't have any candy in them at the time. Plus Emery was able to get some of Bryggen's candy out of hers which was hilarious. Bryggen had no clue and didn't care. Plus I ate most of her candy so it saved me from my treat.
Bryggen playing at school after her Halloween party they had. She was swinging in the swing which is one of her favorite things to do. She yells "wee wee" the whole time. Sort of like the Geico commercial but 100 times cuter.
Getting ready for school that morning in our Halloween dress. It had witches smocked across the neckline with brooms and fuzz as the broom bristles. It was so cute. She had black sparkly shoes on and we added a black bow too. I loved this outfit. Fortunately, we celebrated Halloween at school on Thursday and she was able to wear the dress again on Sunday.

Fall has been a lot of fun with this chicka. She is such a ball of energy. We took the passy away and even though it was a slow process she has done great. She still asks for it but she was never screaming mad over it. We are starting to get back to our routine without it and that is a blessing.