Friday, December 31, 2010

4D Pics

Sweet Baby Jackson. Jackson doesn't like to cooperate during ultrasounds. I think he is going to be my "handful" even though I thought Bryggen already was. When I was 15 weeks Griffin revealed himself but Jackson played cool. It took us 4 more weeks to confirm that Jackson was in fact a boy. When I was 25 weeks Jackson laid head down. He would wave and move around but never let us get a profile shot. He even showed himself to us often even though we were not looking this time. At 27 weeks I had my 4D ultrasound and this picture was the best shot he gave us. He gave us the money shot again but not much on his face. We go back next week to try again.
Sweet Baby Griffin. So far, this is my calm little angel. He moves often but not as much or as rough as his brother. He may not have the room to do so which may mean its not by choice but at the end of the day he seems to be my easier going little guy. He's done well in ultrasounds and during my 4D this week, we were able to get a lot of shots. We got tons of his precious face and his foot and his money shot too. He has this sweet pouty face that reminds me a lot of Bryggen's 4D pictures. I even think Jackson's shot looks a lot like both Griffin and Bryggen even though its harder to tell with his.
My Perfect Angel Bryggen. My busy little princess. She is going to be a great big sister. She is bossy and demanding but she is so sweet and nurturing. She loves to hug and give kisses and loves to cuddle. She is my baby and I am excited about her meeting her brothers. She was always calm when I was pregnant but she didn't really come out that way. She's been super busy ever since so I guess the boys' roles could change too. Her 4D picture reminded me so much of Mike and when she was born I was amazed at how much she did look like her 4D and how much she looked like Mike. Well, she still looks like him and she has his personality all over. I think she has a little in me but she is her daddy made over. I think the boys will at least favor her if they continue to grow like their 4D pictures.

As of today, I am 28 weeks pregnant and getting miserable. I am in my 3rd trimester now and almost as big as I was when I had Bryggen. Everyone asks me if I am ready to pop. The question doesn't bother me because I know my boys are big boys. They are in the 65th percentile for a single baby where most twins are below 50%. I hope this growth continues. I want them to be huge even if it causes me more discomfort and pain. I am mostly really tired a lot now, like normal for the 3rd trimester. My back aches and my belly is heavy and pulls. I do carry really low so that has a lot to do with it. I know I am cranky more now and I just pray that it doesn't effect me being a mother to Bryggen. I am taking it easier now that the holidays are over and I hope that helps with my energy and patience. With that said, its New Years and I want to hit the sack. Bryggen's birthday party is Sunday so I will post pics from that.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

What a Merry White Christmas

At the end of a great Christmas. Bryggen in her jammies with her juice and purse. All smiles.
Being silly in her jammies with her towel still on her head. She looked like a little bunny to me. She has the best personality.
We actually got snow on Christmas Day. How amazing!!!
Bryggen crashed in Daddy's lap after a long full day Christmas.
Mommy and Bryggen in a Christmas Day picture. Doesn't happen often but we actually got one that turned out with two smiles.
Playing with her purse her cousins and Aunt Jen and Uncle Robert gave her.
Opening her gift.
The morning of Christmas Bryggen woke up wet. She allowed me to change her but didn't want to get redressed. Therefore, we were a little redneck opening presents in just her diaper. But who cares, it was Christmas and she was a sweet angel. She's wearing her new backpack. We have had two but they've been too bulky and big for her to carry easy so we gave her a new one.
Riding her new tricycle that Mimi and Pops gave her. She can't reach the pedals just yet but she will grow into it and she already loves it. It was actually the easiest toy to put together. How nice.
Her new kids digital camera that her Mimi and Pops gave her. She is obsessed with my camera but I won't let her play with it anymore since she broke it and I had to have it fixed. Now she has her own. It really works. I just need to figure out how to use it properly.
She was really good at opening wrapped presents. I was pretty amazed she could do it even if it took some time. Oh and notice she has shoes on now. She opened her gift from Lille of some brown Pediped shoes and she had to put them on.
Playing with her new doll house that Santa brought her. She also received a kitchen, buggy and accessories to go with them from Santa. He did well.
Wearing her new slippers Mimi and Gaga gave her. She looked so cute wearing them with her jammies.
Hugging on Papa Christmas Eve night before we left.
Sitting on a box that was a gift we were giving Papa and Graam. We went to Papa Joe's house for Christmas Eve to celebrate with him, my dad and Graam. Bryggen had a great time but we did as well.
Leaving Mimi and Gaga's house with her new doll. We were headed to my moms house to celebrate Christmas (Eve) but those pictures will have to come from her. I forgot to take some. Fortunately, my mom is great about taking pictures for me. I can't wait to see what she has.
Playing with her new straw that whistles. She wouldn't stop and it was super cute. In her Christmas Eve Day dress. The same dress from our Christmas cards.
Trying to get all of the kids in one picture together wasn't easy. Bryggen was funny. She laid down on her belly with her arms propping her head up. I just missed catching her in the shot doing just that.
Kissing Daddy like the sweet angel she is. She is in her sixth Christmas outfit.
Her fifth Christmas outfit for the season. I am sad to put all of these away. It was a great season celebrating Christ and I pray that we all can celebrate him daily.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Have a Merry, Merry Christmas!!!!


Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis The Season

Bryggen's 4th Christmas outfit of the season.
Gingerbread Stadium made by Arricia.
Bryggen's 3rd Christmas outfit.
Bryggen and Isabella playing at school.
Bryggen dancing with Isabelle at school. She's wearing her 2nd Christmas outfit of the season.
Bryggen and Emery at the Martha's Trouble Cornerstone Christmas Special. This is Bryggen's first Christmas outfit of the season.
Cam Newton at the Heisman dinner Mike and I attended in NYC.
Coach Chizik giving a speech at the dinner. Bo Jackson spoke as well. We were surrounded by all of them and it was just an amazing night.
Cam's older brother Junior.
We went to see the Rockette's. It was so much fun. Bryggen lasted an hour and really liked it but I guess in the end it was more for me. Totally worth it. I won't be able to go to NYC during Christmas without seeing them.

Napping in her Juicy bundle. That thing was lined in faux fur and super soft.
Bryggen loved Santa from a distance. She even talked to him and wanted to hug him until she was given the opportunity. Then she clung onto me and wouldn't let go. So, her picture with Santa has me in it with her crying.
Playing around in the store whiled Daddy shopped.
At the hotel lobby. We have the entire family in one picture.
At FAO playing with a baby doll she thought she had to have.
She was mesmerized by the door guard at FAO.
Daddy let her out to walk across the street to the store and she thought she was the biggest little girl ever. She was so proud of herself and did really well.
Our Christmas tree at home. It took over a week to get one to stand up and then to get it decorated but I finally got it done.
Auburn won the 2010 SEC Championship Game.
We went with our friends Eric and Katie Scott. We had suite tickets, thanks to Mike, and had an awesome time.
Thanksgiving Day at Mimi and Gaga's house with the whole family.

Needless to say it has been a very busy time. We have not slowed down but its a week til Christmas and life will settle down just long enough to get comfortable before the boys arrive. Which I have to say I am ready for. They need to wait at least 2 months but I know I will be ready. The discomfort has started and I am huge. I am the exact same size I was when I was 32 weeks pregnant with Bryggen and I am 26 weeks with them. They are now 2 pounds each and full of energy. Griffin, Baby A, is head down which is great but Jackson is head up for the first time. He moves a lot so as long as Griffin stays in position then we are good to go. We shall see. We have our 4D ultrasound scheduled on Bryggen's birthday and I can't wait to compare their picture with hers. We are blessed beyond belief and I thank God every day for it.