Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Need Suggestions Desperately

I am very grateful for the life that I have. I don't want to seem like I am complaining at all but there are things to complain about. I think we all always have something we can complain about so here I go. The boys are fabulous but they are obsessed with their pacifiers and I can't get a hand on them. I have night help and I don't know what I would do without it because when I do have them on my own I am up 6-7 times a night dealing with the passy. The daytime is just as bad but I am awake and have help there too so its not as bad. I have changed and tried every passy. The best ones for these guys are the Binky pacifiers. They love them and can hold them in better. I am placing them on their bellies at night now and have been doing so during the day for a while. I would love to start sleep training them to sleep through the night because they only eat once but I can't begin to do that if they cry for their passy all night. I tried to "take it away" a month ago but I think that was too soon because they screamed for an hour and wouldn't let up so I caved. We go back to Dr. Carter on June 17th so I am going to ask him for suggestions but he was the one who suggested we take it away. Guess I could try that again but I am not sure I can let them cry for an hour or more again. Please help me if anyone has a suggestion email me(heidislocumb@hotmail.com). Thanks!!!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 Months and Counting

Bryggen holding Griffin
Jackson sitting by Bryggen
Bryggen on Easter morning in her new shades
Bryggen in her dress up clothes playing
Bryggen at Target with Mommy with her "prize" for being so well behaved
Bryggen and her brothers or as she calls them "my babies"
Jackson and Griffin 3 months old plus a few days
Griffin smiling at Mommy
Jackson smiling at Mommy
My favorite people all together

Wow! Has it really been 3 months since I had my sweet boys? I can't believe how fast time has flown. It went by fast with Bryggen but now its flying by with all three. I am such a happy mommy. I have so much support from Mike and he is just an awesome Dad. Jackson and Griffin are such precious and somewhat easy babies. Poor Bryggen had such a hard time when she was this age with colic and gas and not being able to sleep well. But these two do a lot better. No colic for us! Yay! We have small tummy issues here and there but overall our biggest problem is the passy still. I have put them on their bellies at night as well and that seems to help a lot. We still have to give them their passies a few times through the night but they eat once and usually around 4am and then we are back on schedule for the day. That seems to be the norm though it does vary some days. I still have help during the day and at night. The night help will end around the first of July but we will keep Bonnie on for good. She is amazing. Griffin and Jackson went to Bryggen's school last week for the first time and did great. I am taking them once a week just so they can get used to being away from mommy when they are old enough to realize it. They are getting chunky like their sister was. It is so cute to see them fill out. They are wearing 0-3mos and 3mos clothing right now so they are exactly where they need to be. I am not sure their exact weight but I am guessing 11-12 pounds. We don't go to the doctor til June 17th for their 4 month check up. Jackson is still bigger than Griffin and probably by a pound now. We shall see. Both eat around 5oz during the day and 4oz at 4am. Some times Jackson will take more than 5oz so I think we have a growth spurt coming along. They normally eat around 8pm and are asleep a little after 9pm, they ask for their passy around 1am-3am a few times, eat around 4am, bath at 6am and fed again around 8am and every 4 hours after. They still nap/sleep a lot so I am trying to get a schedule of that down to see the consistency. Any suggestions on how to help them sleep through the night? Or any suggestions on how to manage the passy issues? We've tried every passy and the best ones we have found are the binky passy. They do much better with those but we still have those times. Should I make them cry at this age? I tried it at 2 months old but they cried for an hour and that was long enough for me. Bryggen is still doing great though she started sucking her thumb a couple of weeks ago. Its for attention for sure but not sure why she just started. She picked it up one day and hasn't stopped. In fact, she does it a lot. I will ask the pediatrician about it when we take the boys next. I am not worried about it unless he thinks I should be. We are under way with the construction of the beach house. We are headed to the beach this weekend to work on certain things. Its been fun so far but I am anxious to have it finished (probably Oct-Nov). That was a long enough update.

Monday, May 16, 2011


I have regained access to my facebook and my hotmail accounts. Yay! I even figured out who hacked into my accounts. I am so thrilled and hope this doesn't happen again or to anyone else.

Update on the family to come soon.

Sunday, May 15, 2011


Hey Guys,
I hate to post this but my Facebook and Hotmail accounts were hacked. I am completely locked out of both and are starting over. If you need to find me I have a new email at slocumbheidi@yahoo.com and am starting a new FB page.