Thursday, April 30, 2009

4 Month Check Up

Yesterday Bryggen turned 4 months old. Today Mimi and I took B to her wellness appointment with Dr. Carter. She is doing great of course. We can begin a full routine of cereal and stage one veggies. I am so excited. She weighs 15.15 and is 24 1/4 inches long with a head circumfrance of 15 3/4. She's just below the 90th percentile for her weight and is in the 25th percentile for her height. She's a short and chunky princess. She's perfect. Her other Mimi, my mom, says she is built just like I was at her age. The rest of her is all daddy.
Right now she is trying to roll over. She's playing on the floor and just can't get all the way over. She will figure it out soon. I can't wait but then again I'm sure I can. I can't get over that she's 4 months old. She's so big and smart.

Monday, April 27, 2009

New Tricks for "B"

She sucks her thumb now. She doesnt do it often yet so its still cute.
This isnt a new trick but its a cute new outfit that I had to include.

B was laying on her playmat with her feet where her head is and she scooted down. You can barely tell but she moved under the couch. I was sitting right by her when she did it. She moves like this at night too. She will do a 180 in bed w/o flipping on her tummy.

This isnt a trick either but she's so cute and I love her chubby legs.

B can flip on her side now. She didnt have any help but Dad did balance her once she was in position. She can go from her belly to her back but not quite from her back to her belly. She's working on it.

New arrival in the family!

Vesla had Baby Wyatt Thursday, April 23rd @ 11:39 am. We enjoyed visiting with them the first 3 days of his life. He weighed in at 8.14. What a big boy!
B talked to Graam while she waited on her cousin to get here. There's a really good pic of B with Wyatt but Mimi has it so we'll post it later.

What's Going On With Bryggen

Lille and B sitting together. This was not set up. B was sitting and Lille decided to sit by her. Lille loves her sister and B loves her too.
B is getting so big. I sat her up in bed and she just laughed at me. She held her pose for a couple of minutes.

We tried her Jumperoo for the first time. She was really interested in it. She stayed in it for about ten minutes and then it was nap time.

But look at her feet, they dont touch the ground yet. If she's short like her mom then this is only the beginning.

Happy late Easter everyone. We had a great Easter going to Church, doing lunch with Mimi & Gaga and playing at their house while Mom and Dad went to the baseball game, then we went to Montgomery to celebrate with my other Mimi. See my first basket. The bunny brought me two outfits, a pair of shoes, a bib and burp cloth set, a lamb and candy for mom. It was a great day!

What's Up With Bryggen

Snoozing with my mimi waiting for BecBec's
appointment to get her hair done for prom.

After my bath wrapped in my towel!

Hanging with my papa!!

Daddy and me hanging out!

Yummy!!! Love my cereal!!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First Beach Trip

We took Bryggen to the beach this weekend. We had a lot of fun. And even though she didn't understand what was going on; she was happy the entire time. I really believe she's getting over her fussy phase but she still hates the car.