Monday, September 20, 2010

No Slowing Down Now

Not a great picture of me but its just one picture for now. Thats 3 weeks ago at 10 weeks. I think I have doubled so I will add another one soon. The rest are of Bryggen- that's how it should be. But I wanted to show how fast I am growing.
She's so silly these days. She has sooooo much personality. She has to wear shoes 100% of the time even to bed which is why they are on over her jammies.
Her first real bow. Now we start every day off with a bow, thanks to Haley, and she's getting used to them.
Saying cheese while sitting in her toy stroller.
Miss Cool with her sunglasses on. She was taking them off because I wasn't fast enough with my camera phone. Which btw, my camera has been at the shop broken for 2 months now and I am missing taking hundreds of pictures. I have not been happy.
B had to put her swim tube on and ride her horse while snacking. She's better at multi-tasker than her father and me.
Playing at the Splash Park at Emery's 3rd birthday party.
Sweet Bryggen. She is a loving and happy baby. Couldn't ask for more.
Ready for some football.
At the first game of the year. She loved it and was so good. She's a pro.
Dancing with Owen. He and B are so much alike; bald, chunky and happy. They click so well. Her other bestfriends are Isabella and McKinsie. She runs up to them every day at school so excited to see them.
She would not let me put her clothes on her but wouldn't let me take off her shoes. She was too busy with her bags to stop for a second. She is hilarious.
I had to hide these boots. They are too big- way too big but B insists on wearing them all of the time. Even to bed a couple of nights.
She likes to go into the pantry. And sit for whatever reason. I thought it was cute.

And here's a little or long update:
We are some super busy people. I guess we think we should do a lot now while we can because things will stop us soon enough anyways, right? Well, we have been busy the past 3 weeks. I am now in my 2nd trimester at 13 weeks. I have had some symptoms; headaches/migraines, mood swings, bloating, dizziness, nausea, exhaustion, etc. It comes and goes so its not every day but its pretty intense when I do have it. When I was pregnant with Bryggen, I was nauseas the entire first trimester and all day. At least I have a lot of good days. I do think a lot of my symptoms are due to the progesterone supplements I have been taking. Fortunately, my last dose was Saturday. Yay! Dr. Dupre placed me on them to keep my levels up since I was carrying twins and have had 2 miscarriages. He is majorly concerned about preterm labor. Most of that has to do with my small frame. My first appointment I weighed in at 108. I have gained about 4 pounds which is great for the first trimester. However, I have not had much of an appetite because the bloating had been so bad so when the appetite kicks in I feel it will get bad. The exercise needs to start...... At my last appointment Dr. Dupre said I needed to start training Bryggen that I can not hold her as much so that when I can't at all she won't be too surprised. That hurt my heart because I love holding my heavy 28 pound child. She loves me holding her. I did well the first week and now I am back to loving on her like before. I will get better. I am really anxious to find out what these babies will be and I hope to be able to find out in 3 weeks. I am ready to pick out their names and plan their room. I don't want to rush this pregnancy because I know it will be here before I know it and our world will be rocked. Now with all of that going on, we decided to put our house on the market. That could take 2 years to sell so I am not too concerned right now. But we also started the planning phase of building a house on the beach before we found out we were pregnant. And Mike is going to expand the firm again and go into the Chicago market after the first of the year. What else can we add to our plates???? Its going to be crazy and even crazier around here but everything will be great and if you know us at all then you know this is how our lives roll. So what else have we been up to the past 3 weeks. Just the usual, football games on the weekends and hanging out during the week. Mike has had to travel a lot but I hope that we get a break from that for a bit. Bryggen went through an evil phase but her gums were soar from her 2 year molars moving in. They haven't cut the skin and that could take some time so I am preparing for the evilness to return several times before they do so. I am hoping to get the passy gone soon. My friend suggested cutting the passy so that B will loose interest in it. I am going to do that this week or next. Since I am a planner yall know that I have an order and reason for doing things. My reason for doing this now is so that I can move B into a big girl bed in December so that she is nice a settled before the twins arrive. I don't want to have any other plans for her until the summer time, which will be potty training, because I want the adjustment to the twins to be as easy as I can make it- ha! Like anything about having twins is going to be easy. At least it is exciting!!!!!! Oh how precious are these three babies our Lord has blessed us with. I am so amazed everyday at His gift to us.