Thursday, August 23, 2012

Michael TOWNSEN Slocumb

He is here and I guess it is about time that I updated my blog.  I am sure you will forgive me considering I have 4 kids now.
Townsen arrived at 12:06pm on July 28, 2012.  I was scheduled for induction that day but arrived to the hospital in labor (contractions 5 min apart).  In fact, we got there at 6:45am, was in a room and hooked up in about an hour and epidural before 10am and pushing at noon.  It didn't take long and was actually pretty easy.
Before we delivered we had decided his name would be Townsen Talmer, but after he was born we changed his name to Michael Townsen.  We will call him Townsen or Towns.  We changed his name for the physically obvious in that he is a complete mini-Mike.  After delivering the twins blue eyed and blonde, we sure didnt think we'd have a dark haired baby with olive skin but here he is.  I love that all of our kids are different- well all of our pregnancies anyways.  I love that the twins are more me and that B and T are Mike.
Now delivery was easy but the after stuff hasn't been easy and I am not talking about Townsen.  The day after I delivered Townsen I had my tubes tied.  Yes, 4 kids in under 4 years is enough.  The surgery was fast and my doctor was great.  The recovery was awful the first couple of days.  Then four days after delivery I became super sick with a bladder infection.  That was worse than the recovery from surgery.  It lasted a rough 4 days.  Nine days later B and I became sick with a stomach bug.  Fortunately, that was a quick virus but Mike was out of town.  Then two days after that I found out I had shingles.  I did not have a bad case of it and wasn't in pain just itched really bad.  I am still being medicated for that.  The good thing about being sick after giving birth is that I dropped a lot of weight fast.
All of the kids are adjusting really well.  Townsen is sweet, cuddly and pretty easy going.  He likes to be held and is restless a lot but who can blame him with two brothers throwing things at him and yelling all of the time.  Jackson likes to give him hugs but Griffin isnt as interested.  Bryggen is super helpful and patient.  She's done a great job and I really am impressed with all of them.  Of course, life is super hectic with the twins alone so the additional chaos doesn't help but its a phase we will pass and not a bad phase at all.
We are currently at the beach for a week or two.  I am enjoying it a lot but we are only on day two so we shall see how it plays out.  I do not have any help here and it can be challenging (I went to the grocery store with 4 kids yesterday and needless to say you can't get much so the loading and unloading takes longer than the trip inside).  But we are going with the flow.  I do feel more confident as a mother than when I brought the twins home so lets hope that sticks around and isn't just good hormones.
I hope I am able to post more often.

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