Saturday, May 16, 2009

This Week In Bryggen's World

We had visitors Thursday. Papa and Graam came to see us. Bryggen always has so much fun. Papa carried Bryggen around all day. She's his little princess.

Bryggen started eating stage one baby food. We started with sweet potatoes, the carrots and now we're on to squash. She really LOVES the food. In fact, she hates cereal now. I can't even trick her by mixing it in her other food. This is a new challenge but at least she loves to eat.

Pool Time

Mike and I took Bryggen to the pool on Mothers Day. She had a blast. We weren't there long before it started to rain so I took her back Monday and Tuesday then we all went again today. She really likes the water even though its too cold for me.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


What a great Mothers Day already and its only 9:40am. Bryggen and I woke up this morning, she had breakfast and then we started to play. About two weeks ago she rolled over for Gaga and me but hasn't done it since until now. She's rolled over 5 times this morning already and its amazing how fast she's gotten at it. It is so exciting to see her move around. What a big girl!!!! I hope every mom has a wonderful day. We love you all!!

Rebecca's Graduation Tea

We went to Rebecca's Graduation Tea Saturday, May 9th. We played with all of the guests and had fun honoring BecBec graduating high school. She received lots of great gifts and enjoyed the dresses we gave her.
This picture was taken when I placed her on her tummy to see if she would roll around. No such luck.

Gaga's Birthday

We celebrated Gaga's birthday Thursday, May 7th. But Mimi was sick and had to miss out. It was a great night. We went to dinner at Good Ol Boys, then had cake at our house and opened presents. It was a fun and exciting night!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Prayers Needed

Please pray for our friends Bryant & Courtney Cloud. Courtney was 23 weeks pregnant and lost the baby today. Her water broke last night and while they were monitoring them in the hospital, Baby Nate's heart stopped beating. Everyone is really shocked and devastated. Please pray for them. God will bring them through this.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Look At My Tutu