Saturday, June 18, 2011

4 Months Old And Huge

Our little men are 4 months old. Yes, I said 4 months old. I can not believe it but it has happened. They are no longer newborns. Great thing about that is the sleep at night and the cute chunky legs. One of my fears for having twins was that having preemies usually means little babies. Well, not my guys. They have chunked out just like I want it. I love fat babies with rolls on their legs. And I now have two more just like their sister was. We had their check up with Dr. Carter on Friday.
Jacksons stats are:
weight 13.12 90th percentile
heights 24 1/4 75th percentile
head 16 50th percentile
Griffins stats are:
weight 13.7 90th percentile
height 23 1/2 50th percentile
head 16 50th percentile
They look great. They started some cereal and are allowed Stage 1 baby foods when I want. Yay! I am going to do that when they eat the cereal a little better. That will be soon I am sure. They love to eat.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Giving Credit

Mommy with Griffin and Daddy with Jackson in Costa Rica
Sweet Bryggen waiting to ride the swings
Sweet smile again
Jackson almost 4 mos old
Griffin almost 4 mos old

Let me just say that I do not give my guys enough credit. Of course, I praise our Lord for the blessings in our lives which include the good and the bad of everyday life. But these little guys are awesome. I know I complained last and with reason but now things are getting better. We just returned from our trip with The Slocumbs. We had a great time and never want to leave. To make this trip even better was the new routine these guys started. We have had them on an eating schedule every 4 hours for a while. They are now eating almost 6oz every 4 hours. And when we headed to the beach I gave them a tiny bit of cereal. It didn't work out well in the bottle and they are just learning to eat it so they really only eat about a 1/2 tablespoon if I am lucky. Anyways, I put them to bed the second night we were there and low and behold they slept 11 hours only waking for their passy 3 times. That continued the entire week. And two nights they slept 12 hours and only asked for their passy once or when they were waking. Now last night, back at home, they woke 6 times for their passy but still went 11 hours wo eating. Praise the Lord!!! The nights are getting better.
Now here's their daily schedule:
Wake/Eat 5-6oz w a lil cereal 6:30-7am
Nap around 8:30am
Eat 5-6oz 11am
Nap around 12:30pm
Eat 5-6oz 3pm
Nap around 5pm
Bath/Eat 5-6oz w a lil cereal 7pm
Bed around 8pm

Of course this varies some days depending and its only gone on like this for a week with the sleep because before they would wake anytime between 3:30-4am and then again 5am-6:30am. They are smiling a lot and Griffin even gets the giggles a lot. He is more vocal. He coos and giggles a lot but Jackson smiles a lot too. Griffin plays while he eats but Jackson is focused on eating. Jackson stares at me A LOT. Its so cute and so sweet but sometimes I feel bad when he is staring at me and I can't talk to him because I have Bryggen or Griffin to tend to. He is patient about it though. Both babies do well in the bath but neither baby does well in the car. Here I go again with car issues. Bryggen was the worst but these guys aren't far behind. On our ride home from the beach yesterday, I spent 95% of my time seated between them on the floor of my car. It wasn't comfortable and it makes me want a new car with a middle bench seat specifically for me. Crazy I know. But it will be a good investment if they do this as long as Bryggen did. She was awful til she was 1yr old. Plus we are loaded down in my car with stuff. Think about how much stuff 3 babies 2 and under require. This week long trip required a lot:
Double stroller
Pack N Play
Play mat
Two bags for the twins (one for clothes, etc., one for bottles and formula-3 containers)
One bag for Bryggen
One bag for me
One bag for Mike
Two beach bags (one toys, one towels)
One small cooler
One diaper bag
One small bookbag for Bryggen
One computer bag
One box of diapers (72 count and used over 50 of them)
Most of you know I drive a Cadillac Escalade but the standard model only has about 2feet of room behind the third row. We fold down half the third row to lay the stroller on it then the rest is filled to the top with luggage; the cooler and diaper bag and computer bag and stuff fill in between seats and then theres just barely enough room for my bottom to fit in between the boys captain seats. It would be nice to have a bench seat so I can sit between the boys and then it would be nice to have more room behind the third row. We are looking into things but I will not complain because this is a great problem to have.
This week is going to be interesting. I am going to start potty training Bryggen while her school is out for VBS. Tomorrow morning we are going to go pick out big girl panties and potty treats. We have a potty that sings and I am going to put that in the living room (gross I know) and have it handy to use often. I hope it works well. She seems so interested even going in the bathroom with her cousin Emery to see her go. Guess its time. Let's Go Bryggen!!!!