Wednesday, April 27, 2011

2 Months And Overjoyed

Jackson, Bryggen, Mommy and Griffin
Griffin, Bryggen and Jackson

My guys turned 2 months old on Apr 14th. They are doing great. I will admit there are some days now that both guys are demanding but I knew it was coming. We still have some tummy issues that we are working out but the passy seems to be the biggest curse. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with them. Right now the guys are able to hold up their heads up and focus on things. Hopefully we will get a smile soon. We had a check up at the doctors this week that went well. Jackson (the bottom pic) weighs 10.6 and is 21 1/4 inches long. Griffin weighs 9.13 and is 21 inches long. Bryggen is still doing well with the boys. She even helps out. Overall we are getting busier and busier with them but its exciting.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Family of Five Survives

Jackson on left and Griffin on right
Proud Big Sister

The boys are now 7 weeks old (tomorrow) and the sleep 24/7 phase has ended. They still sleep 90% of the time but are showing signs of wakefulness. They might have an hour or two of straight wakefulness a day with small amounts at other times. We had their 1 month well ness checkup on the 25th. Griffin weighed 7.8 and Jackson 7.13. They are now eating every 4 hours and taking around 3oz. They are around the 25-50% for the adjusted age which is fabulous. Griffin is still my laid back content child. He rarely fusses. If he has a dirty diaper he might fuss and sometimes he wants his passy so he will fuss. He fusses if he has the hi-cups. But otherwise he is great. Jackson on the other hand is a little more high maintenance resembling his big sister. For example he couldn't keep his passy in his mouth from 3am on this morning. He ate at 4am and still never really settled back down. He is happier being held and doesn't require his passy then. He fusses when he wants anything and poor Griffin sleeps through most of it. Overall, they are both still pretty wonderful. They have some tummy issues/reflux issues. I hope we are getting it under control but it is sad when they aren't feeling well. We are taking the whole family to the beach next Thursday so we will see how that goes. Fortunately, my mom is going with us so she's our saving grace.