Thursday, October 20, 2011

Psalm 107:1

Psalm 107:1 "Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good; His love endures for ever."

I came across this verse in a devotional I was doing today and it made me think of something completely different than the devotion but of the great things our God does. It has not been an easy time lately. The whole family has been in DC with work for Mike and the kids haven't adjusted as well as normal. Griffin was sick for the first week with a cold, Jackson has been teething, I have a sinus infection, Bryggen was waking the twins up a lot, they weren't sleeping well and therefore I wasn't sleeping well. When that happens, I am not the best I can be. So, I prayed two nights ago that God would help me to be a better mom. Plain and simple, I needed to be a calmer and happier mom. The sleep didn't happen that night, but I did get to go back to sleep when the boys were napping. Normally, they go down for a nap when Bryggen is up and demanding. But this morning they first woke at 5am and went down at 7am for a nap. I crawled in bed with Bryggen and slept til 8am. Yay! So last night I asked the Lord for sleep. I didnt get much but I got more than usual. So, I am grateful for the extra sleep I was granted because my kids needed me to have it more than I did.
Dear Lord, thank you for the small things. They are big to me and not too small for you. Amen

Thursday, October 13, 2011

8 Months Old Tomorrow

My sweet boys will be 8 months old tomorrow and Griffin is sick for the first time. Minus allergies and a small cold here and there, this is the first real sickness. Its a bad cold with the on-set of an ear infection. No meds here just extra care. Poor guy was feeling it bad. I hope he's getting better. When I took him to the doctor (here in DC- more on that later) I found out he weighs 19lbs. Wow! What a big boy! I'm sure Jackson weighs a bit more but neither one are little. They still eat every 4 hrs taking 6oz of formula and a stage 2 food. They still sleep 11ish hours at night. Jackson is crawling but neither one sits up fully on their own. They love their big sister who makes them laugh at the silliest things. She's doing really well too. She's a funny and smart little priss.
We are in DC for a while dealing with work drama for Mike. Fortunately, the whole family is together. Its been the worst week I have had but I am confident its getting better. Having a sick baby, another 8 month old and a toddler has been challenging but things are looking up. Mike has been super swamped but still a big help and God is leading the way. Poor Lille is left behind. Heather is caring for her but we really need to find her a home. Help us find someone to love on her please. She deserves it!!!!! I will post pics when I can.