Sunday, June 20, 2010

Slocumb Family Beach Trip

Had a blast at the Annual Slocumb Family Beach Trip. Mike's parents take us along with Robert, Jen, Wilson, Emery, Brad, Brooke, Brock and Braden to the beach each year. So far, this is the 3rd year with a new arrival each year. 8 adults and 5 children in a beach condo. It was so much fun. Bryggen loves her cousins and followed them around the entire time. In fact, she did a little too much but they were troopers. She was fearless with the water and wanted to be in it the whole time. God gave us save travels to and from the beach, great weather and a perfect family to surround ourselves with. We are truly blessed. Thank you Mimi and Gaga!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Staying busy this Summer

We have so much going on right now. We've been to the beach twice in a month, we've had two great visits with Papa and Graam, we've been to Bham to see my sister and her boys with my mom, we've been to DC twice and so much more. Bryggen has been doing great and I am so proud of her. She says so much now; mama, dada, hey, bye, i do it, oh man, book, duck, dog, Lille, two, and tak (thank you in Norwegian). She shakes her head no, she points at you (like I do when I'm getting on to her), she has almost all of her teeth (all are in besides two coming in and her 2yr old molars), she helps me get her dressed by stepping in her bottoms and putting her arms through her sleeves, she doesn't like tie straps or loose straps, she can help me put on her shoes, she's able to get anything you need within reach, she knows her belly, her nose, her ears, her earrings, my nose, she's finally growing more hair and so much more. She loves the water and the beach and to dance. She actually has cute rhythm. We are going back to the beach Tues for the Slocumb Family Annual Beach Trip. We are so excited!
Playing w Papa. She was a giggling the whole time- well, almost anyways.
Hanging w Graam while Papa and Dada work.
Playing w Ethan during our visit to see his new brother.
Playing w Logan during out visit to Bham.
Daddy and B playing in the park.
B giving Dada hugs.
Big smiles at the beach. What a happy girl.
B thought she was so cool in my sunglasses- she was.
Playing w one of her friends in the pool.
We took B to the Village. She was dancing to the band playing. She loved it. She danced for about 30min and was mad to leave. She had so much fun doing that. We brought her back the next night to do it again.
We were back at the beach again for Memorial Weekend. B had to copy the little kids in the kid pool. It was so cute. She made lots of friends and had a great time.
Graam and Papa came to visit us. B had a great time playing with them. I am pretty sure she wore them out. She can wear anyone out.
Mimi and B taking a stroll through the village during dinner. B doesn't sit still long so its hard to eat in peace. Fortunately, my mom was there. We did let her eat by the way.
We were at the beach for our anniversary. B loved running in and out of the water nonstop. She wanted to do it by herself but eventually she gave up and let us help her.